February 1, 2010

Heart surgery operation 3D High Definition live picture demonstration experiment which used Internet communications satellite

- CCT2010 Surgical -

NHK Media Technology Inc and FA System Engineering Co., LTD. did the IP transmission demonstration experiment of heart surgery operation 3D High Definition live picture which used the Internet communications satellite for the first time in the world in CCT2010 Surgical which is held at the Kobe international exhibition hall in (Saturday) on 2010 January 30th.
This is the demonstration experiment to display 3D operation picture by 10 sets of 3D High Definition monitor, linking Kojinkai Yamato Seiwa hospital which is proud of the eminent number of the heart surgeries in Japan and the exhibition hall in the super speed Internet satellite.
And this demonstration experiment has been completed successfully. The key of the success is the combination of 3D technology (MT system: Side by side with the unique high quality process function) of NHK-MT and the 3D products of FASE.

In the heart surgery operation, it generally recognized that the accumulation of the intuition and the experience which is recognized to be an artisanal skill influences fate of the patient in the operating room.
Specifically in the heart disease treatment which is supposed to be difficult, by showing the operation status of the doctor who has advanced skills realistically, these skills can be conveyed to the surgeon who struggles alone in the distant place and the developing country, and the medical care standard becomes improved widely.
Showing of the skill by live program, not the video program shot beforehand, is indispensable to convey the skills. In order to show the skills more realistically and clearly, the technology to transmit the overwhelming information and high definition of 3D image compared with 2D image to remote place with reality is necessary in the medical field too.

[Contents of the experiment]
In the demonstration experiment this time, by transmitting 3D picture of the actual heart surgery operation in live, it verifies the usability of super reality live 3D picture.

[View of the future]
It verifies the promise and the possibility of the medical care which utilizes super reality 3D picture. It expects that this system supports near-future advanced medical technology.

*1CCT2010 Surgical
Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2010
Held at Kobe International Exhibition Center, Port Pie Hotel
January 28 - 30, 2010

*2(1) 3D High Definition Picture
The High Definition pictures shot by two cameras for the left eye and the right eye are composed by 3D technology "MT system" (Side by side system with the unique high quality process function) and it is displayed on 3D TV of XPOL system. The Side By Side system is one of the technologies to make display 3D picture. It is the system to compose to the 1 picture by arranging 2 pictures on either side of the screen, compressing the width of the picture into 1/2.

(2) Heart surgery operation 3D High Definition live picture
Actual picture of the heart surgery operation is shot by 3D camera set in the operation room of Kojinkai Seiwa Yamato Hospital (Yamato city). The shot High Definition picture is transmitted to Kobe International Exhibition Center and displayed by 3D monitors. The realization of 3D High Definition live picture became possible firstly by the High Definition cameras for the left eye and right eye with synchronization in the high-precision and the "3D Side By Side Encoder" which compose 2 pictures with real time. The picture composed to 3D with real time by "3D Side By Side Encoder" is encoded to H.264 and transmitted to Kobe International Exhibition Center via Internet communications satelite. In the Kobe International Exhibition Center, the signal is distributed to 8 sets of 46 inch 3D monitor and 2 sets of 24 inch 3D monitor through "3D SS Composer" and 3D picture is displayed with real time. By this system, live transmission of the heart surgery operation 3D High Definition live picture becomes possible.
3D Side By Side Encoder HD-SDI(1920 x 1080)3D SS-Composer

*3Kojinkai Yamato Seiwa hospital
The number of the coronary bypass operations in 2008 is 278 and it is the most numbers in Japan (Heart large-artery operation: total 624, The number of the heart valve operations is the 2nd in Japan.). It is the special hospital of the heart surgery to be proud that the most number is 256 (Total 581) probably in Japan in 2009.
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